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Mercure Grenoble Meylan and Atypio Hotels Resorts

Discover, book and prepare your stay at the Mercure Grenoble Meylan with our e-brochures. Discover our summary sheet, our brochure dedicated to companies and agencies, our brochure for companies and agencies with all the hotels in the Atypio Hôtels Resorts Collection, our gift shop with its themed stays and Atypio Hôtels Resorts gift vouchers.

Our special e-brochures for holidays or business trips will give you an overview of the services offered by our hotel, as well as photos and practical information. At Mercure Grenoble Meylan, our hotel is deeply inspired by the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region and its mountainous environment to offer you an authentic and different experience. Discover the soul and local identity of the Mercure Grenoble Meylan hotel through our e-brochures. You can also use our hotel as a starting point for exploring the city of Grenoble and the surrounding area. We hope your stay with us will be a memorable one, and that you will leave feeling delighted and refreshed.

Brochures Mercure Grenoble Meylan, Atypio