Our CSR commitments

Our hotel Mercure Grenoble Meylan is committed for several years to improve and to do so, does not hesitate to make concrete commitments, to shake up its habits and to surround itself with competent professionals in the field. 

Indeed, in order to structure our environmental commitment as well as possible, what could be better than Betterto be accompanied. So, in no time at all, as soon as we started our 2022 renovation work, we were guided by the organization Betterfly Tourisms historical partnerAtypio Hotels Resortsa co-investor and manager of our facility. 

In addition to this work, Betterfly Tourism will accompany us, after our reopening, this autumn, in a phase, this time of evaluation of our environmental footprint and finally, in the development of our action plan to reduce it from year to year. More information

For the same reason, "together we are stronger to meet environmental challenges than alone", our hotel joined the Better Collective via Atypio Hotels Resorts. 

Find all the information on the "News" page, or follow us on social networks and join us, with great pleasure. While waiting to share with you our future projects and action plans, you have the possibility to discover below our already completed actions.